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Where do you go to get inspired~?

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Hi everyone!

Well just a quick update to let you know that I went with neither option listed below for my birthday dinner LOL!.

Matt was adament that I should not cook on my birthday, and so we were going to order take-away Indian – mmmm yumm!!

However, after an amazing day at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Markets – well, I just had to cook. It’s the most inspiring place where you can buy every kind of fresh produce known to man, fresh seafood, meats of all kinds, chicken, duck, pigeon – you name it, it’s there. Not only that, but everything is amazingly fresh and soooo well-priced.

The Vic Markets - one of the most inspiring places on earth when it comes to food.

I have decided that from now on, I will be doing my monthly meat shopping there and stacking my freezer full of awesome stuff to cook. We also brought three different kinds of cheeses from the delicatessen section of the market, some amazing triple-smoked kabana, a french baguet and some delicious prochuito. Matt had to drag me out of there in the end, otherwise I would have brought everything!! He is quickly learning that the most important word he needs to say to me when in such situations is “no”. I try to listen, I really really do!!!

Anyway, the spend was all worth it on Sunday when we laid our delicious purchases on a platter and mum, Matt and I enjoyed a very yummy Sunday lunch together.

So, back to what i cooked for my birthday. I made balti chicken and beef madras. I was naughty and didn’t do them from scratch. I used my favourite curry pastes and then added my own onion, fresh garlic and ginger and just ramped up the spices that I like.  The beef was ok, but the chicken was awesome! I think it had a lot to do with the fact it was free range, from the markets, of course 🙂

So where have you been that has really inspired you to get in the kitchen and cook some awesome food? Would love to know where people go to get their motivation. I know farmers’ markets always do it for me too. Share your knowledge and that way hopefully we’ll all know where to go to get inspired~



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