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Coming up – Leek and Potato Soup and much more

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Day 9 of the Inspiration Challenge will soon arrive and while summer is approaching, I wanted to share with you my favourite soup of all time.

I reckon Tuesday is the day when you are well and truly in the swing of the working week, you are starting to dream of the weekend and so sometimes want to just put your head down and ride out the rest of the week – with a minimum of fuss. This is the soup for you!!

On Sunday I’ll give you a recipe for some really simple cookies and on Friday I’ll serve up a trio of dips you’ll love to serve up at your next barbecue.

The response I have had to The Inspiration Challenge has been amazing so far – can’t wait to keep sharing. At this rate I’ll hit 1000 visits to Uforic Food by tomorrow – couldn’t be more thrilled!!

See you tomorrow for even more delicious recipes.

Be Inspired~




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  1. I am glad you have shared this recipe, it is one of my favourites, very warming and delicious… your blog makes me proud, Love Mum xxx
    Dont think you can’t do this …. you can, so easy!!give it a go, very worthy of the effort!!

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