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Not sure what to do with stale vegetables? Give them to the dog!

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Lots of people think dogs eat only meat – but that’s definitely not true.
My gorgeous dog Angel loves everything from sweet corn and potato to strawberries and watermelon. The only thing he really hates – no matter how much you try and hide them – is beans. I figure he is a dog – and if he doesn’t want to eat his beans, then that’s ok.

Lots of cheaper dog food is full of disgusting jelly filler stuff and lots of salt – which is not good for our furbabies.
So, why not use your leftover vegies to make them some homemade meals? Yes, it’s important to feed your dog a good quality canned or dry food – but a cook up of vegies, lean meat, some pasta or rice will be a welcome treat. You can also add in a clove of garlic – which helps keep the fleas away – and a handful of parley – it’s good for their doggy breath!

This is something my mum has been doing ever since Angel was a puppy – and after he was sick last week – I thought he deserved some home-made food, prepared with plenty of love!

Now my mum often chops everything by hand and stews it in a large stock pot for a while – which works just great. But, I was pretty short on time. So, I put the slicer on my food processor – pushed the vegies though, including carrot, potato, celery and silverbeet. I put it in the pressure cooker, added enough water to cover everything, along with garlic, parsley, 500gm of lean beef mince and a few teaspoons of stock powder to flavour the whole thing, along with a handful or two of pasta. I cooked it for 10 minutes once the cooker was pressurised and it was done! I store the big cook up in largish plastic containers, label and freeze it.

I know this idea of cooking for your dog sounds like only something crazy dog people who give their pooches heated beds and diamente collars would do – but it really is about ensuring the good health of your pet and also using up vegetables that would otherwise be thrown in the bin. It’s also very cheap to make, much cheaper than buying dog food, and as you can see by the above photo – your gorgeous doggy will love it!

Do you ever cook for your animals? What sorts of things do you put in it? My mum adds eggs to make their coat shinier. Would love your tips in the comments sections below 🙂



3 comments on “Not sure what to do with stale vegetables? Give them to the dog!
  1. we do that already cause i has seeing food go to waste, expecially with a little child that dosent eat everyting..
    BUT be sure not to feed Grapes (they cause renal failure) or Onions. And make sure you stear away from fatty meats – ham, sausages, pork or bacon they arnt good for puppies and cause pancreatitis and can make em quite sick. And yes the protein in the yokes are great for coats 🙂 And be sure also not to feed cooked bones of any description – they dont break down and diget – they shatter and cause blockages.

    • UforicFood on said:

      Excellent things that everyone should ensure when making food for their dogs. Thanks so much for all those excellent tips Heidi. It’s great to use leftovers and save some money – but it’s got to be safe for them as a first priority 🙂

  2. Chris 20man on said:

    Cooked chicken bones are not good…all other cooked bones are okay, especially lamb. Chicken bones are the ones that splinter when cooked. Would also be careful with fish bones – humans choke on them too at the best of times. Am totally paranoid about all my dogs and have triple checked these facts with my vet!

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