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Breakfast – the most romantic meal of the day :)

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That’s right ladies … and gentleman (wink wink) – breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, it can certainly be very romantic – if made with the best ingredients – and served in bed, if possible 🙂

I think some people struggle to eat a good breakfast – I sure do, especially during the week. But I love to cook breakfast on the weekends and after I went to get my nails done, I decided that seeing as I had spoilt myself – that I would do something nice for my man.

I stopped by one of my favourite shops and picked up some beautiful ingredients.

and some really nice sourdough – which I drizzled with olive oil

and then cooked in a really hot pan. I would have used a griddle, to get some nice grill marks – but sadly, I don’t own one. Not yet, anyway.

After I had cooked some beautiful, organic bacon, I transferred it to the oven on some kitchen towel to absorb any extra oil.

I then added the tomatoes to the pan until they were beautifully coloured on the cut side, before popping them in the oven with the bacon.

Then, it was time for the free range eggs. I cooked them until they were tender, but still soft and runny. Just make sure you season them. Delish

Now Matt was awake by the time I had breakfast ready – but it was still really nice to sit down at the table together on a Saturday morning and talk about the weekend ahead over good food and brilliant coffee. Why not do the same this weekend?

As for a song – seeing as we are talking about breakfast – why not groove to this tune by Train.

Have an awesome weekend!



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