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Friends + Food + Dancing = Fabulous! Part 2 – Terra Rossa

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We all dressed in red – because red is for love <3 Cheers!!

Spanish food would have to be the ultimate culinary experience if you want to bring people together. Quite often Spanish = tapas and what a great bonding experience it is to share food from plates dotted right along long tables of hungry women.

That’s exactly what we did in part two of my beautiful friend Ruza’s bridal shower/hens weekend with the evening festivities held at Melbourne’s Terra Rossa Spanish Restaurant in Flinder Lane. Part 1 was at The Waiting Room at Crown Towers – read about our fantastic experience here.

Wine, shots and most importantly, Sangria (both white and red) flowed as everyone began to arrive.

Down they go!!

The atmostphere in this restaurant is loud, but vibrant and fun – not a place I would recommend for a quiet, romantic evening – but if you’ve got something to celebrate – and we sure did – then this is the perfect place.

 Before we talk about the food – let’s talk about the drinks! I haven’t had sangria before – but this was absolutely delicious – we had red first, but I think the white was superb. I enjoyed it and was a little typsy – to say the least!

Onto the food and we enjoyed four delicious course of progressive tapas – which included;



semolina crisp calamari

w oregano gremolata

gorgonzola, pumpkin & chestnut suppli

w charred melinzane puree


malai chicken skewers

w tomato cumin salsa

baked portobellos w lime buratta

& black russian confit tomato


chorizo & manchego crocchettini w

salsa romesco & olive tapenade

lamb fillet pita w pimento hummus,

roma tomato & riviera feta


pistachio crusted frangelico tira misu

w arabica bean espresso gelato & 87 blend caffe surope

brioche & dolce de leche pudding

w burnt butter macadamia gelato

 As you can see, we were digging into the dessert before I could get my camera ready – it was just amazing, especially the burnt butter and macadamia gelato. I have to say the mushrooms were a highlight for me as well as the calamari. It was utterly addictive and I was stealing morssels from plates further down the table. Just delicious!

I think this is the perfect place for big groups to get together for birthdays, farewells etc – it has an electric atmostphere and one of the best parts was that they were only too willing to cater to our ladies who couldn’t eat gluten or diary – this cappachio was just one of the courses enjoyed by these girls.

 It was great to see Ruza moving around the table, saying hi to everyone and just being able to catch up with her friends and family, including her beatuiful mum!

With full tummies and happy hearts we hit the streets of Melbourne to work off some of the calories we had just consumed – but our trek to nightclub, Retro, was not without its events.

 The bride and her lovely friend Nicole needed to apply some bandaids to sore feet.

Before long we were back on the road and heading out for a night of dancing and fun.

The music at Retro was awesome! It reminded me of the songs we used to dance to in the clubs when we were teenagers. It was also great to be at a club where you weren’t surrounded by teeny boppers who always have a knack for making me feel extremely old!

We left Retro at around 3am and headed for our hotel. The next morning the lovely Laura and I found the energy to cook us all bacon and eggs. It was just what we needed after a big night on the town.


Overall it was a lovely weekend and I hope it was one Ruza will remember for many years to come.

Now we have the wedding to look forward to in a few weeks time. I can’t wait!!



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