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Adelaide day 1 – driving, 5 stars, room service and amazing views

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Today started at 4am this morning. Matt headed straight for the kettle and I went for the shower.
Ever since we met, Matt has always made me coffee in the morning. It’s a simple gesture – but I just love it, especially on days like today when we were both running on less that five hours sleep. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had trouble sleeping the day before holidays. Last night was no exception.
Anyway, with the suitcase in the car and the sandwiches made bearing all the Christmas leftovers we pinched from my brother’s house – we were on our way to Adelaide. The city of churches and home to my Nanna and extended family.
I have spent a lot of my life traveling in cars around Australia – I have also driven up and down the middle of this massive country a number of times now – but I have to say there is no drive as boring as the one between Geelong and Adelaide. Overall, it’s pretty bland.

After 8 hours on the road we were relieved to arrive at our hotel – The Rendezvous. We got it cheap with one of those mystery deals and it just so happens I stayed here with my best friend and her now fiancée two years ago. Matt and I had only just met, and so he didn’t join me last time – I knew he was going to love it!!

We have been treated to a corner suite we could never afford without this awesome deal – so we are living it up here for four days. Seeing as this is our first night, and being exhausted after our long drive – we decided to have a nap and enjoy room service for dinner. It was delicious!!

Tapas was our entree and it was soooo good. Olives, bread, chorizo, beetroot dip, salami and various other things.

Matt had a delicious burger with homemade chips. Definitely man’s food 🙂

I had the squid with a citrus salad and chips. I do wonder why everything must come with chips. They really aren’t an alley of mine. But, never mind. This meal was lovely!!
In saying all that, I did make some fairly bad decisions on the road today and my stomach isn’t thanking me for it now. I feel bloated and awful and have promised myself to make good decisions tomorrow. I don’t think my body can handle any more heavy food.
As for the rest of our stay, we have enjoyed the views from our room – throwing open all the curtains to enjoy it.





But, all in all, this cocktail really put me in the holiday spirit.

Tomorrow will bring shopping, swimming and various other things. But, nothing comes before a relatively early night, a session in the hotel gym and some brekky!!!



One comments on “Adelaide day 1 – driving, 5 stars, room service and amazing views
  1. Chris Foreman on said:

    Sounds Gorgious…. Glad you are safe and sound in Adelaide. Give my love to Nanna and the family, and dont forget the huggs from me tooo.
    Love ya Both
    Mum xxxxx

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