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Adelaide day 2 – shopping, Indian food and the bright lights of childhood memories

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I decided that it’s time my gorgeous fiancée had some new clothes – but it turns out that of all the things we could have done on holidays – for Matt, shopping was one of the least exciting things to do.
Men! Honestly! Shopping is cool! See, I was having fun 🙂

Matt – not so much …

Oh well – I managed to help him find a few things he liked, but I did fear by the end he was saying he liked pink t-shirts just so we could buy something and go home. Poor guy. But, he’s now wearing one of his new outfits (and no, we didn’t buy any pink shirts) so I guess he was pretty happy with his purchases. See, he even modeled a few things 🙂

Today we also did some research on Adelaide history – including why this sign seems to be on every second building in the city – including five we can see from our hotel balcony alone.

What is a “Polites” anyway? Google, and the wise man that is my dad, revealed that Constantine George Polites was into buying buildings around Adelaide and putting his name on them in order to demonstrate his success. He obviously did very well for himself!!
It’s funny the things you notice when enjoying the view from a city balcony – I loved this sign too.

It’s good to see Matt “liking” something for the day lol
In saying that, we did enjoy a lovely swim – and we even had the pool and spa to ourselves, which was great!
We also took some time to chill out – Matt watched the cricket – which didn’t make him feel terribly cheerful. While I didn’t watch India give the Aussies a hard time, I did some research on Indian restaurants, which is where we headed for dinner.
We chose Jasmin Indian Restaurant in Hindmarsh Square. We were going to chose Taj Tandoor in Rundell Street – but after reading Urban Spoon, there was NO WAY I was going to risk it! I have never read such bad reviews. They included everything from crying staff to the manager locking customers inside the restaurant until they agreed to pay for food they didn’t receive. It sounded like a nightmare and I am so glad I checked!
I am a massive lover of Indian food and let me just say, I am so glad we went to jasmin, although the GPS had a bit of a hard time finding the underground venue. I was very happy to find the magic door and head downstairs to the ambient restaurant space.

Not only was the service polite and efficient, the food was absolutely fabulous. We didn’t order entrees as we were trying for a simple dinner, but cheese pakoras come out – on the house. Wow they were delicious and I could have eaten heaps of these.

The mains followed and we had butter chicken, Matt’s favorite as well as a beef curry with really yummy coriander and garam masala flavours.

While the curries seemed a little pricey at $25 each – the serving were huge and the rice complimentary. This is very unusual and you usually have to pay more for your rice.
We also had cheese and garlic naan, which was absolutely fabulous.

I have been to countless Indian restaurants in my time, and this one was definitely up there not only for food, but for atmosphere and service. If your in Adelaide and you’re looking for somewhere great to eat, I’d definitely recommend this spot.
After dinner we decided to go for a drive and get a better photo of the beautiful Christmas tree in Victoria Square, which we can see from our hotel window. It’s even more beautiful up close.

I grew up in Adelaide until the age of 8 when my dad was transferred to Darwin. Being so young, I loved Christmas and every year my mum would take us to the West End Brewery on the River Torrens where they would have their yearly Christmas display. however, my family has always known this place as “the beers” – what kid can say “brewery” anyway. Well, all these years on they still do it, and it’s barely changed.

Just being here makes me feel like I’m five again. Even the guy in the volcano which moves and then smoke comes out the top, is still there, working away, some 23 years on.

I always loved the house with the paddle thing in front, which used to go around and around. It doesn’t move like it used to, but the little house is still there.

And, of course, there’s the nativity scene.

Ultimately, some of the displays aren’t all that Chrismasy – they do call it “fantasy land” after all. But, other then the nativity scene, there is nothing that says Christmas more than Santa and his reindeer. They move, and look truly magical, despite our awkward moment of trying to get a photo of it, with us in it while trying to tackle our substantial height difference. This was the best we could do.

One of the most important things to do while at “the beers” as I still refer to it- it to throw a coin into the wishing well and make a wish for the year ahead. So, we did.


With the walk along the river complete and our wishes made, we were freezing and ready to head home. However, one thing that I never remember seeing at “the beers” was rides or food – both of which were there tonight. So, we thought, why not get a coffee.

Matt’s in bed and so I think I will head that way too. Tomorrow we are off to the zoo!! And, to recreate another childhood memory of mine – we are going on a boat called Popeye!
Not only that, but we’re going to see my beautiful Nanna and my uncle and will then be heading out to a fabulous restaurant which we came across last time we were in town. Can’t wait!!



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