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Adelaide day 3 – a boat, the zoo, pandas and visiting Nanna

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Yesterday really brought back some childhood memories as we waited anxiously at Adelaide’s Elder Park for “Popeye” to arrive.
These boats have been trawling the Torrens River for more than 50 years and I remember going on the boat and seeing them along the river as a child.

The boat goes up and down the river, really showcasing just how beautiful the gardens throughout the city really are.

Paddle boats are also really famous in Adelaide and I’m sure the next time we come for a visit, this will be on our list of things to do. It looks like so much fun!!


Finally we made it to the zoo and the highlight of the whole day was seeing these gorgeous black and white pandas called Funi and Wang Wang. We stood there for ages watching them play and bite each other – they were just so amazing to watch.


There were also heaps of other cute animals, including these amazing animals. I’m sure mum would have taken us to the zoo when we were kids, but I honestly didn’t recall being there.



We really had a ball at the zoo. We even brought our niece a present, as you can see in this photo. It’s her birthday today and we promised her that because we would be away, that we would buy her a present from the zoo. I hope she likes her Funi bear, she’s really into animals, so it should be right up her alley.

The rest of the day was spent swimming, resting and and eating. We didn’t really feel like eating out, so it was room service again. It’s quite a well priced option – certainly cheaper then a restaurant and it’s nice because then we get to enjoy our room. I have to admit that I do miss cooking. I’m the sort of person that if we are going to go away for more than two night, we should stay in a serviced apartment or rent a house with a kitchen so I can whip up meals. It’d be a whole lot cheaper as well!!
Matt had a club sandwich, which looked great.

I had lamb korma – cos I can’t go past a curry. It was really authentic.

After a full day, we were definitely ready for some rest and relaxation.



Pew did visit Nanna, but ill be writing about that tomorrow. I can’t believe I actuallyforgot to take pics!! But,we’ll visit her again, and get lots of pics with her 🙂



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