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Adelaide day 4 : Hahndorf, German food and family

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It’s 36 degrees here in Adelaide today and we really thought we might just stay in our room and enjoy the air-conditioning.
But, one of the things we had planned to do during our stay was go to Hahndorf – in the Adelaide Hills. So, I dragged Matt out of the cool hotel, into the car and we were off.
I know mum took us up here when we were kids, but I definitely have no memory of it.

I haven’t been to Germany before, but I can imagine that Hahndorf definitely has a German flavour, not only when it comes to the food advertised at the cafes which line the main street (there seems to be every “werst” under the sun) – but also in the architecture of the buildings as well. The tree-lined street has a real European feel about it – it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s a place less than 30 minutes out of Adelaide city.

Along with oodles of places to eat, there is also other shops too, like a candle maker. It was the first shop we went into, being the candle fanatic that I am. However, there were signs everywhere saying not to take photos. I was disappointed 🙁 I’m not entirely sure what the reason was behind no photos, but oh well. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it was a very pretty shop 🙂
Matt decided it would be nice to grab a bite to eat at a very German looking pub – aptly called The German Arms Hotel.

We were seated outside on the balcony, which was gorgeous looking over the street. We both commented that there weren’t many people dining, especially considering all the people walking and driving down the street. However, after we looked out our watches, we realised it was only 11.40 am. I guess we are kind of running on Melbourne time, which is half an hour ahead.
Before long, our sanctuary was bustling.

The menu was full of German delights, including kransky, and everything was served with cabbage and potatoes. I haven’t had much German food in my time, so I couldn’t wait to try it.
Matt ordered the giant hot dog, with all the trimmings including onion, cabbage, cheese and mustard.

Being 6 foot 4, you’d think Matt would gobble this down with no worries – but actually, he’s quite a small eater, especially a t lunch time. He did his best, but only made it half way, and didn’t touch any of the chips (and neither did I. Go me!)
I ordered the Jäger schnitzel with potato salad and mushroom sauce. Wow, it was really delicious and I enjoyed every bite. Like Matt, I didn’t finish mine either, but we walked away very full.

We sat for a while to let our meals process and then headed across the street to the lolly shop.


My mum always says that the only place she can get her favourite lollies, which are called “snowies” is in Adelaide. I didn’t have to look for long in this lolly shop before I found them. We got a packet of them for mum and some freckles for Matt and we were on our way.

We also popped in at the museum and art gallery to look at the talents of local artists and to learn a bit about how Hahndorf came about.



It’s amazing how far the first settlers came, all really because they wanted to keep practicing their religion. The history of the town also involved how they tried to hide their German culture and learned English so they could blend more with the colony. Around 1915 they were even forced to change the name of the town because legislation was passed abolishing all German names. Hahndorf didn’t get it’s name back until 1935. Such a fascinating history for such a small town.
I’d definitely recommend a visit here if you are ever headed for Adelaide. Such a great place with rich history, great food and a real buzz about it.
If you’re going when it’s hot, I’d also recommend ice cream. Yum!!

Tonight we headed to Nanna’s nursing home to see her (which we also did last night as well) and we met my Aunty Jenny and Uncle Daryl there. Last night we visited Nanna with my Uncle King – it’s been ages since I saw him last, so it was awesome seeing him and introducing Matt for the first time.
Aunty Jenny and Uncle Daryl came to our engagement party in May with my cousin, Tracy. It was so great to catch up with them again and to tell them that we have now set a date for the wedding, which is November 18.
We always have plenty to catch up on and Nanna is always telling stories of when my dad was growing up in Alice Springs and Darwin. I really love hearing all her stories – she has an incredible mind at 86. She always says she is surprised she is still around. I’m not though. She is one of the strongest people I know and I realise every day how lucky I am to still have a grandparent at my age.
After our visit with Nanna, the rest of us headed to the Sussex Hotel in Walkerville for a bite to eat. After such a huge lunch, I decided on something light. So, I had squid, once again, but with a Greek salad. It was delicious!!

It was great to hear about what they have been up to. My cousin Sarah is home in Adelaide after taking her first teaching job in Alice Springs, which she is really loving. Tracy has brought her first house and Aunty Jenny and Uncle Daryl have come back from overseas and are planning their next trip. We blabbed on about our wedding plans.
There’s nothing I love more than sitting around the table with family and just catching up. food really does bring people together.

Seeing as it was our last night, we went up to the Eagle on the Hill lookout to enjoy the last parts of the sunset, and the city lights.

We also decided to finish our holiday the way it started – with a cocktail in the lobby. Delicious!!

Thanks for your hospitality Adelaide. We will be back again to see Nanna after the wedding. Until then, it’s time for bed and up tomorrow for the big drive back to Geelong. There really is no place like home and home cooking!!
Happy new year, see you on the other side in 2012!



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