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Meal planning – a necessary evil to a healthier lifestyle

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I have never been much of a fan of planning. I used to always live my life in a chaotic fashion – convincing myself that any kind of strategy would strip my life of spontaneity and excitement.
I’m here to tell you that planning does not make life boring. It makes it more manageable and less stressful!
Over the last few years I have become a budgeter. Every month I plan where our money is going, what we are paying etc etc. It seldom goes exactly to plan, because I still have a love for being a bit spontaneous from time to time – but at least we have some idea of where we are at. I was always scared that knowing how much was owed and how much money we are spending was going to be such a scary thing – and it was a bit at first. But once it was all down on paper, I could see where we could improve and work through any apparent scariness. I have become quite addicted!
When people used to tell me they were going on a diet – i’d roll my eyes and think “boring”!!!!! – how can all that planning and counting calories be fun? Who would want to make it a part of their daily lives when there is so many more exciting and important things to do with ones time?
I still stand by the fact that plotting every move in life is boring – and calorie counting is hideous and I never want to do it. However, I now enjoy planning what I am going to eat and keeping track of everything I consume – because it helps me to achieve my goals – and it’s working.
I’m not on a diet – I’m changing my whole attitude towards food and it will be like this for the rest of my life.
It’s now nine weeks since I started my new, healthy lifestyle and I am shedding weight slowly. I have now lost just over eight kilos and I feel so different. I feel lighter, my clothes are getting lose and I am really enjoying exercise. Not that I’m doing huge amounts of exercise. I do one personal training session a week, one casual gym session and I am trying to get out any do a walk/jog with my gorgeous dog, Angel. We did just that last Sunday morning and I was so proud of myself. This is a girl that does not jog!! But I do now!! Woo hoo.
Angel took a while to get his breath back, but he enjoyed our excursion very much!

So today I am planning our meals for the whole week, and Matty is fully on board to, which is so super cool! His biggest challenge is lunch – he loves his sausage rolls and other evil baked goods – so I am going to make some nice tuna and cream cheese for him to put on some vita wheat as well as some soups and salads. Hopefully that will keep things interesting and I’m looking forward to it too.
I do have to apologies for not sharing more recipes with you. If I’m honest, it’s not meal planning or exercise that is taking up all my time – it’s wedding research. I’m determined to be a DIY bride and so I’ve been making things and ordering things. Loving every minute of it though. It’s still 10 months away, but excited doesn’t even cover it!
So, my goals for this week are to stick to our meal plan, get to the gym after work one evening and to share at least one recipe on Uforic Food. Mixed with all that is full-time work, an interview with our possible wedding photographer, a hair appointment and family tea at the shop. What a great week ahead!!
Have you ever meal planned before? Is it something you liked doing and what do you think the pros and cons are? Would love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below 🙂



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