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The Deck Cafe and Bar – the best views, excellent coffee and delish food!

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If you’re looking for something to do over the Easter break, and even into the colder months approaching – I think it pays to jump in the car if you live in Victoria – and head for Anglesea.

There’s a hidden gem there that everyone should check out.

It has amazing views …



… but The Deck Cafe also has really delicious food.
We popped down to Anglesea on Sunday to see dad at his shop, Anglesea Fruitz.
He was pretty happy when we decided to come in the afternoon, because he’s been keen to take me here since the start of summer.

The cafe is run by American expat Chris – and he has done a wonderful job of creating a relaxed atmosphere.

The cafe is part of the Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club House and was an absolutely ideal place to hang out and have a bite to eat on a Sunday afternoon.

The menu ranges from burgers and fish and chips to risotto and pasta – and great specials are written up on a fabulous looking surfboard.

Matt and I had a delicious pumpkin risotto – perfectly cooked, beautifully seasoned and really flavourful.

Dad had a burger, which is said was fantastic as well.

While the cafe itself isn’t anything fancy – it’s the home of a life saving club – and not really its aim. But with sweeping views of Anglesea’s main beach, and an incredible deck to sit on – there’s no other place I’d rather eat in Anglesea.

I always have the utmost respect for people who run a place, whether it be a cafe, accommodation, or a shop of some kind – and are really passionate and genuinely care about what they do. That’s what you’ll find here.

So, if you can get down to the Great Ocean Road – stop by Anglesea and go and visit Chris at The Deck Cafe. And don’t let the colder months hold you back. While businesses in this part of the world thrive on tourism in the summer months when people are keen to head down and sun themselves on the magnificent beaches – they also need to get through the colder seasons when people aren’t so keen on seaside getaways.

I know I may sound biased, seeing as my family owns Anglesea Fruitz – but the quieter months really are a dilemma for all businesses in areas such as these.

Matt and I actually make a point of going to places at times of year opposite to when it’s popular – simply because we enjoy peace and quiet – and I personally love the idea of supporting areas who depend on tourism during their quieter times. You can always bet on the best deals, individualised service and the local business owners are always glad to have your business.

A few years ago we had a short getaway in Apollo Bay in June – it was just magic! We stayed in a gorgeous little B&B – ate at the local restaurants and cafes – including the roadhouse at Wye River. While you can’t swim in the ocean without a wet suit – the scenery was no less beautiful, as you can see in this photo from our trip.

There was sunshine and blue seas – rain, and then incredible rainbows – not to mention whale watching. Incredible!

Winter holidays and day trips to the beach – I think it could really catch on!

Do you have favourite places you love to visit during quieter times? Do you head to Mount Hotham in summer or to Darwin or Cairns in the wet season? Share your off-season hot spots in the comments section below and inspire everyone to think about supporting business that rely on tourism when times are a little quieter.




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  1. Carol on said:

    I totally agree, we often eat at The Deck Cafe, its always very friendly and welcoming and you don’t have to be a member of the surf club to dine there.

    • UforicFood on said:

      Exactly right on all account Carol. I will add that you don’t need to be a member to my article. A very valid point!
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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