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Food Diary Day 1: Bad habits exposed!

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It’s day one of my food diary and already I have a terrible confession.

Monday started off quite well – I managed to eat fruit – drink two litres of water and snack on vegies.

But, there is no avoiding admitting the existence of my worst eating habit.

But, let’s focus on the good first!


Yogurt and strawberries – delish! – Previously I have normally eaten toast for brekky with a mug of coffee. But, I wanted something a bit different and I want to stop relying on bread quite so much.


Carrot sticks and hommus – this hommus is store brought – but with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. It’s sooo yummy! I probably ate a total of three tablespoons of the hommus with a whole carrot.


Toast with lean ham and guacamole.

This is just fabulous! I have discovered Burgen bread. In my pursuit to eat cleanly – I want things to be processed as little as possible. This bread is great. I first discovered it when I was diagnosed with PCOS because it is low GI, and has no preservatives or artificial stuff. YAY!

For this I mixed together half an avocado with 1 roma tomato, the juice of half a lime and some salt and pepper. You could add coriander if you want to be fancy. I also had it with some ham for protein and yumminess.


This has been one of the most popular dishes in our house of late – broccoli salad with chorizo and haloumi.

If you’d like the recipe for this – and I can highly recommend it – click here

I also enjoyed two cups of tea, with milk and one sugar in each to top of a lovely day of food.


As planned – I went at lunch time and did a 40-minute work out including bike, treadmill and cross-traner. No weights today – but I did jog for a bit on the treadmill – and my goodness my foot hurt! It doesn’t happen when I run outside – so maybe there’s something going on with my running technique on the treadmill? Somethign to chat to my trainer about on Friday.

Now it’s time to confess…

Until recently, I never told anyone about this because I have felt so ashamed. So, here goes ….

I get up in the middle of the night … and I eat! 🙁

I know – it’s so bad! This was something I had stopped all together for about two months. But, for some reason, the evil sabotager inside my head is waking at night and I’m eating.

When I say eating – I mean that I woke up last night and ate two coconut chocolate balls that Matt got as a gift for helping someone out – and a small glass of milk. So, I’m not getting up and making bacon and eggs or something like that – but it’s eating non the less.

I guess you’re trying to figure out what I’m thinking – and so am I! I don’t even really think about it all that much – I just do it.

But, it’s got to stop! Does anyone else eat at odd times – like 3am? My feeling is that it’s purely psychological – I’m certainly not waking up hungry. I think my brain it trying to sabotage me … and it’s very upsetting because I spend the whole next day thinking about it and feeling guilty.

So, I’ll make that another goal – no more bed time snacking! Just typing it is making me cringe – but I have to face it head on and beat it!



4 comments on “Food Diary Day 1: Bad habits exposed!
  1. Tanya on said:

    You are an inspiration to us women Lisa, I have gained 12 kilos within the past year and am about to start my own journey of weight loss within the next few weeks by doing the 84 day challenge. Keep up the great work, you are looking absolutely fabulous and your fiance is so very lucky to have you in his life.

    • UforicFood on said:

      Aww Tanya – what a sweet thing to say! I don’t know about being an inspiration – I’m just trying to get where I want to go and sometimes sharing the journey can make it a little bit easier and make you feel like you aren’t alone!
      I have actually heard of that challenge and know someone who has done it and swears by it! Good luck and just go for it! Make sure you come back and let us know how you are going with it. I appreciate your support and you have mine too. Make sure you come back and share your acheivements, and we’re always here to listen too! XOXO

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