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Food Diary Day 3: New beginnings

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As much as I love food and cooking – sometimes food just isn’t a focus and it becomes merely an essential thing to fuel you throughout the day.

It probably should be argued that this is the attitude we should take to food more – that it’s about fuel more than feast and pleasure – but this is still a concept I struggle with. It’s important to me to enjoy my meals – but when days are busy and full of distractions – basic and easy food is usually the way to go. And no, it’s not an excuse to get takeaway food or eat processed rubbish – but a good reason to eat simply.

The morning started with a little yogurt quickly eaten at my desk.

This breakfast was filling and lovely, but unfortunately eaten a little later than I should have, so I didn’t feel much like a snack.

Lunch consisted of a gym work out – 25 minutes of cardio on the treadmill and cross trainer and then a decent weights session, mostly working my core muscles, back and arms. By this stage I was definitely hungry. Today, it was a repeat of this combo – Burgen bread, avocado, tomatoes and lemon juice – yum!

In the afternoon, it was a portion of my nutty snacks. I really enjoyed this combination.

The excitement of the day came when we got to pick up our new cat – Penelope. We rescued her from the pound and she is such a sweetheart. It really took my focus away from the constant banter in my head of “what should I eat for … should I go to the gym, or the pool?” etc. A welcome distraction and my chance to play mummy to the new kitty.

Isn’t she so cute! She had to have an operation before she could come home – so she’s been quiet. But we love her already and she’s starting to settle in to our little furbaby family.


While she was resting – I made an old favourite of mine – a dish I feel like I have been making my whole life – tuna mornay. Not totally the best nutritional choice – but hopefully the use of skim milk helped somewhat.

As for our other babies – well we are taking our time to introduce everyone. Penelope has stitches and so she doesn’t need to get too excited. But, she has her own bedroom, a comfy basket and lots of food – so she will hopefully be happy to rest up in there for a while before we introduce her to her brothers Angel, who is 10 this year.

It would seem Angel is trying on his (yes, Angel is a boy) veil for his upcoming wedding LOL. I love this photo:-)
And little Gus – I hope he likes his new sister and that they won’t argue terribly.

Despite a hectic and exciting day, I was pretty happy with my food choices and thrilled that I got to the gym. I guess sometimes you just have to go with the flow and things somehow work out for the best. Welcome home Penelope xoxo



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