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Ready …. set …. GO!!

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Over the past few weeks, I guess you could say I have been having a bit of a rest when it comes to weight loss.

I have been thinking a bit about what I eat – but in saying that, I wouldn’t say I have been strict on myself – at all.

I admit, portion sizes have crept up – foods I should only eat occasionally have made more of an appearance in my diet then they should and due to illness – exercise has been at an all-time low.

Up until this week, I had managed to lose 300 grams here and 100 grams there. But, when I got on the scales this morning, it would appear that my time off has caught up with me. I had my biggest increase in weight since I started this journey – 1.3 kilograms.

At the end of the day – I am actually very proud of myself 1.3 kilos in the big scheme of things isn’t much and if that’s my worst performing week throughout this seven month journey, then so be it!

I have had it in my head for the past week that it’s time to get back on track. Last week I did have a bit of a binge – and now I have that out of my system.

I returned to the gym on Friday with a brilliant boxing session, which left my arms and chest aching for days.

Today, it was back in the gym again for a big cardio circuit. I worked harder than my trainer expected me to. I just felt like I wanted to feel the burn – to have my heart jumping out of my chest and to feel like I had reached my capacity. I worked hard, but I still feel like I have more in me. Can’t wait for boxing on Friday!

In the meantime, I want to commit to exercising every second day. Every day, in hindsight, was an unrealistic expectation. I’m hoping to exercise more than every second day, but if I do, then that’s a bonus.

So, tomorrow morning, I’m off to the pool before work. Welcome to early mornings and early nights. But, this is fine – as the days get shorter and nights get longer – dinner, some TV and then my warm bed is fine with me!

To get my eating back in order – I am going to be tracking with my Weight Watchers app. Being accountable is so valuable and it makes you realise how mindless you can really be sometimes when putting things in your mouth!

The time is now. Ready … Set … Go!



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