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I won Masterchef!! … thanks to Manu’s 2am boeuf bourguignon.

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That’s right ladies and gentleman – the results are in – I’m Australia’s next Masterchef!! Woo Hoo!!

Ok, that’s not EXACTLY true.

There were no cravats, bids for immunity, or pressure tests. It wasn’t judged by the three burly men called Gary, Matt and George.

But, there were a fabulous bunch of people who put on their best culinary delights – as part of our very own office Masterchef Challenge.

So, who were the contenders?

Pumpkin Soup delicately spiced with Cummin and Coriander –

This dish was amazing and took out a very close second place. It was created by my wonderful colleague, Mel 🙂

Other contenders included a gorgeous spicy dhal, chicken tikka masala curry with a store-brought simmer sauce twist (it was sooo yum!!), as well as pork vindaloo, beef stir-fry and a few other creations too.

Gluten Free Raspberry Cake with Creamy Icing

Amazingly moist and extremely delicious – this cake also came a close second in the desert category and was created by my boss, Helen. Top points for flavour and fabulous presentation.

This attempt from our IT department – store brought Tim Tams and another variety of chocolate biccy in the shape of an “I” and a “T”. I just had to include a photo! Top marks for creativity – loving the almond garnish too!

and finally, to the winning dishes. The lovely Catriona with her Apple and Custard Slice took out the top prize for desert. This tasted like heaven and I definitely need this recipe!!

And finally – there’s Manu’s Boeuf Bourguignon. As a friend of mine said – thank goodness it sounds fancy in French because really, it’s beef and red wine casserole. Doesn’t sound very Masterchefy, does it?

I think it was my sob story about staying up until 2am cooking it that got me over the line. I wish it wasn’t true but it was and I actually  nodded off for a bit – waking ubprubtly when I thought I had burnt it! I even borrowed the cook book I made it from! But, it was a labour of love and a dish I highly recommend. Just leave yourself a few days to get it done as there is marinading involved! But, I have tried other recipes, including this version, which I have already posted on the blog – click here to get it 🙂

But, the winning dish was all Manu, and seeing as I didn’t really change anything about the recipe (except I used a different cut of meat to what was suggested) – I don’t really feel right about sharing his recipe here. It’s not freely available online – so I guess you’ll have to get the book 🙂

Well, I’ve pretty much never won anything in my life. So, I was overcome with joy (as you can see by my goofy smile above) to take out the trophy on behalf of our team in PR – a frying pan, of all things, which will have my name etched on it as the 2012 Masterchef. Very cool considering it was tasters’ choice! We all branstormed menu ideas and so this belong to us all 🙂 I also won a signed copy of Neil Perry’s Rockpool cook book. I love Neil and it couldn’t have been a better prize!

I’d highly recommend a cooking competition like this as a team building exercise at your workplace. It was a lot of fun – you had to problem solve how you were going to make the food, transport, reheat etc and best of all, everyone came together, had a good laugh and got to eat really delicious food. Now that’s my definition of team building!

Have you ever done anything like this in your workplace before? Or, have you ever had any other creative team building exercises that have stood out from the mundane ones we sometimes have to go through? Leave your comments, and congratulations, if you so wish 😉 – in the comments section below.

I’m off to see if I can walk out the building – my head seems to have grown rather large!



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    • UforicFood on said:

      Thanks Deborah! To be truthful, with better time management I wouldn’t have been up until 2am. But, it makes it a better story that way 🙂
      P.s – your blog is gorgreous. Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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