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Sometimes you have to find the strength to say “NO”

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Do you sometimes feel like things are spinning out of control and you’re not really sure why?

It all kind of hit me on Friday night …

Matt and I went out for dinner to celebrate the end of his exams – and despite his birthday being on Tuesday – it was our first opportunity to spend an evening together.

I ordered a pasta – and I have no idea why I picked it. It tasted nice – but came with a creamy sauce. I never order pasta with creamy sauce. Obviously it’s a big no no when you are trying to lose weight – but I’m just not a fan regardless. I could only eat half of my entree-sized portion. Then, we shared a warm chocolate pudding. It tasted like heaven – but after only a few mouthfuls – I’d had enough.

Prior to this meal, during the week I’d eaten a piece of chocolate ripple cake, some pizza and two glasses of wine.

We were home from the restaurant by 8.30PM – I kicked off my boots, laid on the bed – and I just felt awful. I was in a world of pain from the remedial massage I had on my back on Wednesday. My back gives me all kinds of pain from time to time. The massage left me feeling battered, bruised – and the food I had eaten made me feel, well, way too full.

Matt tucked me in and that is where I stayed – for the next 12 hours.

I didn’t eat a lot during the day on Saturday. I spent the day cooking for a gathering of Matt’s groomsmen on Saturday night. I ate sparingly because I knew the evening would bring indulgence. It did in the form of nibbly food, three glasses of sparkling and a slice of Matt’s mum’s amazing Pavlova. YUM!

Sunday, I ate very little. An apple for brekky, a salad for lunch. I didn’t feel great – but I dragged my butt to the gym where I worked out, really hard.

That night was a simple meal of chicken and salad.

This morning, as I got on the scales and realised my weight had stayed the same as last week at 93.1 – I realised that my body is trying to tell me something.

It’s time to start saying …

Yes, we all have celebrations – yes we should enjoy them – but at the end of the day I am starting to get down because despite training well – the weight has stopped moving and it hasn’t moved for quite some time now.

I do two personal training sessions a week, swim once a week and train one day a week on my own. But, I’m wasting my hard work in the gym by not being careful enough about what I put in my mouth!

No, it’s not all about the scales – but I’m not feeling great. I’m tired and I just don’t feel right. I don’t just want my journey to stop here. I’m not done yet, God dammit!

So – I am adding the three words that I learned back when my journey first started in November last year – and they are – “no, thank you”.

Yes, I will still enjoy yummy food, as I have all the way along this journey – but I won’t be wasting my exercise efforts with overindulgence any more.

It’s time to get focused again and hit my magic number – the big 20. It’s only 1.4 kilos away!

Not only that, but I want to get out of the 90s. I hear the 80s are a great place to be and I wanna go there!!

I know I can do it – I just know I can – and I’ll be much happier when I am back on track!

But, this is what life’s all about – it’s ups and it’s downs and it’s all about gaining some perspective. My body is telling me what to do – and it’s time to listen and act!

P.S – I just wanted to say a big welcome to everyone who has “liked” us on Facebook over the last few weeks and also to those of you who have subscribed. There seems to have been an influx of new people recently – which makes me a very happy blogger 🙂 So, thanks for joining me, feel free to share your food stories in the comments section below and if you’re on a similar journey to me – I’d love to hear how you are going. If you’d like to read about the Great Foodie Weight Loss Experiment thus far – click here. Can’t wait to hear your stories and share yummy recipes with you 🙂



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