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Daylesford – scenic, relaxing, tasty

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Matty and I have had a stressful few weeks. Well, mostly Matty has with his exams – and I’ve tried to be helpful along the way.

Anyway, with good results being the product of all his hard work – we thought despite needing to save my holidays and all our money for our wedding and honeymoon – that a weekend away would be a great relief.

So, we decided to come to Daylesford. It has a reputation for being Victoria’s spa country. It’s just an hour from Melbourne and only a little further from our hometown of Geelong. We thought it would be the perfect place for us – and we were so right!!

We hired a little cabin on the lake at the last-minute and here we are.

The view from our lounge room. So wintery and gorgeous

Our three little visitors perched on the balcony, hoping we’d share some of our brekky with them.

The brekky we made that attracted the wildlife 🙂

Our antipasto platter for lunch. Nothing like nibbly food in front of the fire with a great view.


This place has an amazing vibe and while we have decided to cook our meals in a bid to keep this weekend getaway affordable – this place is a culinary delight.

We went for a gorgeous walk yesterday and stopped into the Boat House Cafe for some morning tea.

Date scones with jam and cream. Yum YUm!!

Nothing better than morning tea in front of a cosy fire 🙂

Enjoying my scone.


On our walk we also came across wild mushrooms!! It’s the first time I have seen them and so I took plenty of photos. They just fascinate me and I can’t wait to show a friend of mine who is into mushrooming what we found.

Strange little mushrooms in the under growth

Little redish coloured mushrooms. I think the bright ones are normally poisioness


Found this fungi mushroomy thing on the side of a trunk. So beautiful.

We found these mushrooms under really big pine trees. They might be pine mushrooms?

I found a group of tourists looking at this big brown mushroom and one lady thought it might be a slippery jack.


Not knowing anything about them, we didn’t pick any mushrooms. I just took photos of them like a Japanese tourist 🙂 But I’m really interested to learn more about wild mushrooms and maybe be able and pick and cook them one day. I would really love to have the confidence to gather food from the wild.

Anyway, enough words – the pictures of this amazing part of the world speak for them themselves.

A goose

I went for a long walk right around Daylesford lake, and this was the view. So pretty.


A flower


A gorgeous rainbow. It was mostly gloomy, but when the sun came out the colours of the trees looked amazing giving more an autumn than winter feel.


You can see by the look on Matt’s face that it was FREEZING!!!


Lucky we had this log fire to warm up in front of. Bliss!

I adore pine trees.

The walking track around Daylesford Lake.

There was plenty of food this weekend, so I made sure I rugged up and went for a long walk. This is a little waterfall I encountered along the way.

Finally, this was the photo of the trip for me. Who would have thought some moss on a long could be so beautiful.

Matty enjoying bacon and eggs by the fire at Gracenotes

This morning we checked out of our cabin and enjoyed some brekky at Gracenotes Cafe. There’s nothing like a meal in front of a log fire to finish a lovely weekend away. Thank you Daylesford. I think Matty and I just found a part of the world we will return to time and again. 🙂

As for my eating habits over the past few days – it hasn’t been great. But, tomorrow is a new day and after our break I am focused and ready to move forward. The big 20 is not too far away and I am going to make it!





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