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All I can say is … thank you!

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Losing 20 kilos has been a major milestone for me. But, this weight loss road is not over … far from it.

In saying that, I have been overwhelmed to say the least my the kind comments, likes on Facebook, emails, phone calls and words of congratulations and support when I announced on Tuesday that I had made it to the big 2 – 0. If you missed that excitement… click here to read about it, if you like 🙂

For those more comfortable with old measures, 20 kilos equates to roughly 45 pounds. Or, the weight of a small child. My future sister-in-law pointed out the other day that her almost four-year-old daughter weighs 19 kilos. For more of a visual – that’s four pretty huge bags of potatoes!!

Holding these 5 kilo bags of carb totally killed my arms. I can’t believe how heavy they were – or the fact I used to just carry this much extra weight around with me everywhere I went! Thank you to my wonderful brother Dave for lending me these from his fruit, vegetable and gourmet food shop – Anglesea Fruitz!

Putting photos of my weight loss journey on the internet for the whole world to see, if they should so desire to take a peak – has been the most nerve-racking thing I have ever done in my entire life – no joke!

Yes, I have had some snide remarks, interesting advice and even some back-handed compliments. Try this one on for size:

“Oh Lisa, you look wonderful! I always knew you were beautiful – but I can really see it now!”

Yeah…. thanks for that.

I won’t even go into the number of tears I cried over that particular remark. Or how about the people who suddenly decide to strike up a conversation  … even though they would never give me the time of day before? A good friend of mine warned me that I’d be treated differently as I lost more and more weight. With all the respect to her in the world – I just didn’t believe her. Sadly, in some cases … some very hurtful cases … she has been nothing short of absolutely right.

However … and that is a HUGE however – most people have been incredibly encouraging and amazingly inspiring. Everyone from my family, Matt’s family, to the lady on the front desk at work who says something almost every day to make me feel awesome … and to make me laugh – have made such a difference. All of my colleagues who have put up with my ranting and raving – my highs and my lows – the after gym work-out euphoria as well as the meltdowns. They have truly seen it all.

Of course, my personal trainer Colin can’t go without a mention here. He is so awesome, so inspiring – and he totally never yells at me!! YAY!! It’s the way he goes about things that makes me keep walking back into the gym at least twice a week – that, and heaven forbid I actually enjoy this fitness stuff now. Who would have thought?

Even people who hardly know me at all – the readers of my blog where I have poured my heart out, trying to pretend that no one is reading. Your comments on here and on Facebook have kept me going, kept me fighting and inspired to keep focused on my eating and exercise when I just wanted to go and eat cake for a week. I don’t even like cake THAT much – but when you get down – sometimes that little voice of sabotage in your head just wants to get you. You, dear reader, have helped drown that voice out. It remains – but at barely a whisper, most of the time.

It’s those comments, those people who have taken the time to stop me in the hallway on the way to the loo to say “hey Lis, you’re doing an awesome job.” To everyone out there … thank you, thank you, thank you!

I also want to thank my fiancĂ©e. He knows this journey isn’t over because I have lost 20 kilos. Goodness I wish it was! But – it’s time to keep on going, to keep on striving. Matt, you have seen me at my best, my most excited, my most happy. But, you have seen me down and have picked me up and pushed me in the most loving and supportive way anyone ever could. That’s one of the billions of reasons I can’t wait to marry you on November 18. You are nothing short of being the best person I have ever met … and I could not have done this without you by my side.

Now that the Academy Award-style speech is over (I can almost hear the music playing, forcing me to wind up before the inevitable ad break) – it’s time to decide what’s going to happen from here.

Other than to set new goals and continue on … it has become apparent to me that it’s time for a change, here at Uforic Food. Food has always been so important to me because so often it’s the thing that brings us together. Friendship are made and flourished over food and drink and that’s something I truly cherish.

Keeping that in mind – things are going to be a whole lot different around here soon – and, dear reader – I think you’re going to love it! All I can tell you is that the fundamentals of the joy of food are truly coming to Uforic Food and the announcement of what I’m up to is coming up very soon.

So, time to set goals!

1. Lose another 5 kilos – as soon as healthily possible.

2. Be in the low 80s weight range by the time our wedding arrives.

3. Bring something new and awesome to Uforic Food. After all, this blog, at the end of the day, has always been about sharing food stories … this big change is going to achieve that in a very cool way!

Until then, it’s full steam ahead!

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4 comments on “All I can say is … thank you!
  1. Hun you have done an amazing job, something that a lot of people face everyday and you have done it. I know I need to get my but into hard drive and start doing what you are doing but I feel I need the push along, any ideas would be great. Xxxx

    • Hey Tab
      I think the biggest thing for me was realising that it is ok to do something for myself and care about myself – where I always thought I wasn’t worth it before. I know this happens to lots of mums because they become so focused on their children and family, and they become incredibly selfless.
      I think the best way to start – and I think this was the key for me, was to start off by changing one things at a time. So, I didn’t sign up at the gym and start doing 5 sessions a week. I started doing one session and once I got comfortable with that I worked my way to a few more. In sayng that, I still don’t go five days a week!
      I also did Weight Watchers – but I think the key was having to record what I ate every day. I reckon this has been the most powerful thing – because we tend to eat mindlessly, especially when stressed or emotional.
      In the end, start slowly, make gentle changes and … above all … be kind to yourself!
      You are a wonderful person Tab – you’re gorgeous. I think the aim has to be to feel better about yourself – no matter whether it is weight loss, getting your nails done or just doing something for you. You deserve it!
      Thank you for all your lovely words! XXXXOOOO

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