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The big announcement: Welcoming the Uforic Food Team

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Today I am finally announcing some very exciting changes to Uforic Food.

I started this blog two years ago to share my love for food and cooking through recipes and stories.

Since then, Uforic Food has remained about food stories, but with a healthy twist as I have gone through a very public battle to lose weight and still enjoy food along the way.

While my journey continues – I am very pleased to announce that this blog is no longer a one-woman show.

Without further ado – I would like to introduce two incredible writers, food enthusiasts and, most importantly, very dear friends of mine – Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi and Laura Luvara.

As much as texture, taste and creativity are things I love about food – more than that – it’s how it acts as an incredible tool to bring family and friends together. Nothing has been truer for Laura, Ruza and I.

The three of us met while working together in the suburban Melbourne newsroom at Fairfax Community Network, where together, we strutted our journalistic prowess.

We caught up in July to discuss our ideas for joining forces on a foodie project of some kind. With our joint professional writing skills, our passion for food and our strong friendship – I am pleased to announce that Laura and Ruza are coming on board to form the Uforic Food team to share not only their fantastic writing abilities, but their passion for food.

Photo: Matthew Furneaux

I feel like it is more important than ever to bring something new, vibrant and exciting to the blog. I couldn’t be more honoured that journalists and food enthusiasts of the calibre of Laura and Ruza want to join me here. We will each have our own area on the blog where we will exercise distinctly different voices.

So, let me tell you a little bit about these fabulous foodies!

Ruza – In the City

Photo: Matthew Furneaux

Ruza never says no to exotic food as her multicultural background always leads to new ventures.

Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, raised in Norway and now married to a Persian in Melbourne, Ruza is never short of exciting recipes.

Fleeing war-torn Sarajevo in the early 1990s and moving to rainy Bergen, not only was she confronted with a new culture but foreign food too – lots of fish, meat and game and berry inspired desserts like cloudberries with whipped cream.

Raised in a household where food is made from scratch, Ruza enjoys tweaking traditional food with a modern twist and is a keen learner of Persian cuisine.

She lives in metropolitan Melbourne and hopes to take you on a journey of multicultural food, giving you the latest reviews of urban restaurants and bars and her favourite recipes. She’s dynamic, multicultural (with English being her third language), with a deep character. Ruza will not fail to surprise and inspire you with the stories she has to tell.

Laura- The Domestic Goddess

Photo: Matthew Furneaux

Laura has grown up in an Italian family where food was always central. Some of her most vivid and happy memories growing up are of feasts at home with lots of family and friends.

She has carried her Italian heritage into her own home and gets a buzz out of witnessing the amazing reactions of the people she cares about when they enjoy something that she created. Trust me, I’ve eaten many a dish from Laura’s table and, no matter how full I feel, I am left wanting more!

She believes that cooking with love is the key, and that food nourishes not only the body, but the soul. Who could disagree with that!

Laura has a warm personality, an incredible smile and my goodness – this girl can sure cook! When she tells a story, whether in person or on paper, she is engaging, witty and so inspiring.

Photo: Matthew Furneaux

So, there you have it – the Uforic Food team is revealed and we have some terrific foodie stories for you ahead! Look out for Laura on Mondays, Ruza on Wednesdays and I’ll be posting on Fridays. The girls will start with more details about themselves, their passions and what they plan to write about. So, stay tuned for that!

The core theme of Uforic Food has always been sharing food stories – and that’s one thing that will never change.

Our posts promise to be distinctive with our lives and perspectives very different. But, with food and friendship in common, we hope you will join us on our unique food journeys. We hope you will share yours along the way too.

I would like to thank photographer Matthew Furneaux for the fabulous photos he has taken of us to use throughout the blog and also Zarby’s at Woodend for allowing us to use their gorgeous venue for the photo shoot. The red wine there is awesome!! 



7 comments on “The big announcement: Welcoming the Uforic Food Team
  1. Alison on said:

    Hi Lisa, Laura and Ruza,
    Congratulations on such a great new initiative! I wish you girls all the best, and I will be reading the blog more often now. It sounds like it will be an awesome “Foodie Journey.” I think the new photos of you all look fabulous.

    • Aww.. I’m definitely feeling the love girls. Thanks Alison, we’re looking forward to taking you on the journey with us, it’s going to be delicious! And Lisa, it’s our privilege to work with you here, so thanks for that opportunity. P.S. We have to thank Matthew Furneaux for the pics, the girls are beautiful inside and out and Matt’s brilliance definitely helped that shine through!

  2. Janet on said:

    What a beautiful team! And this is a great incentive. Good on you Lisa Mary for taking this step with Uforic Food. Wishing your team all the best : watch out world, here they come!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Janet. We are all such great friends who have shared our love of food for so long, it’s so exciting to now be able to share that with you all thanks to Lisa generously sharing her blog with us. Look out for more about Ruza tomorrow morning – she’s got a fascinating background that you’ll love!

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