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Ruza – A Clash of Cultures

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Photo: Matthew Furneaux

Food has always been my connection to the outside world.

It is the one thing that easily kick-starts a conversation, connects cultures and brings people together. It even melts language barriers away! Trust me, I know this.

Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, raised in Norway and now married to a Persian in Melbourne, I am always exploring cultures through food.

Fleeing war-torn Sarajevo in the early 1990s, food soon became my family’s ticket to new friendships as our eastern European dishes became the talking point of our new neighbours in Bergen, Norway.

My passion for food began at the age of nine while in very unlikely circumstances. I was stuck in a basement during the bombing of Sarajevo and it was thanks to UNICEF’s food relief packages, which contained that universal comfort food, peanut butter. Licking the peanut butter off the spoons became a comforting distraction from the horror occurring outside and it inspired me to instead think of all the fun things I could make with this ingredient.

Moving to Norway and growing up in a household where food is made from scratch, I developed an early love affair with pastry making and spending hours kneading and rolling Norwegian Boller (cinnamon rolls) among many other things.

I am known as the ‘Dessert Queen’ within my circle of friends and family, because I use any occasion to whip up a tasty, new sweet-treat.

I like eating-out just as much as eating-in and living in Melbourne’s Ascot Vale means that I’m only a tram ride away from the city’s exciting restaurants.

My favourite thing to do on a weekend is to explore hidden cafes and eating outdoors has also become the norm for my husband Sam and I. 

Furthermore, living only ten minutes away from Melbourne’s historic Queen Victoria Market has its advantages. We have become regular patrons, frequently stocking up on fresh produce. Not only are we saving a heap, but we also love the market because it’s a place to meet with friends over amazing coffee and exotic lunches such as Turkish Pide.

So join me, on Uforic Food as I take you on a journey to the city’s finest (and often hidden) eating places, and share the cuisines that shaped the person I am today.

If you have a sweet tooth like me, then keep an eye out for my first recipe post next Wednesday as I discover everything sweet at the Langam High Tea Party in Melbourne.

So what’s your fondest food memory? And where do you like to eat out?

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