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How to cook the perfect steak

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The perfect steak. Is there such a thing? Well-done, blue, still mooing, burnt to a crisp – it really all comes down to personal preference. Which makes cooking steak extremely challenging.

My number one tip for cooking steak is – whatever you do – don’t serve it to large crowds, or at a dinner party.

Why? Please read the opening paragraph to this blog post again. Unless all your guests like their steak the same way – it’s going to be damn near impossible to get it perfect for everyone. Who wants to end up with someone at their table who can’t eat their meal because they are repulsed by the tiniest little smidge of red coming from their meat. Not me!

When I was younger, I would only eat steak well-done. No colour, not even a little bit – it had to be grey! Did I like steak? Well, no. I would never order it, and when I used to cook it at home, well, chewy meat certainly wasn’t my favourite thing.

One birthday my dad took me to this awesome gastro pub for dinner. I ordered steak, well-done – of course. Ever so politely the waitress informed me that a well-done steak was going to take quite some time to achieve. It was then that my dad suggested I try my steak ‘medium’. I was horrified! He assured me the flavours would be awesome – and that the meat would be cooked, a little pink, but juicy and wonderful. I was still a little unsure, until he promised to swap his chicken dish for mine if I really hated the steak that much.

I took the risk – and thank goodness I did! Medium steak is amazing! I have never looked back since. (Thanks dad!)

As for how to go about achieving a wonderful steak – well I am going to leave that lesson to one of my culinary heroes – Neil Perry. I have probably mentioned this a million times – but I have been to Rockpool Bar and Grill Melbourne three times now, and wow, the steaks and the food in general is just incredible! If you love steak – or just food – you have to go to this place!

So, here’s Neil with his top tips for cooking steak:

Neil doesn’t say much about cooking times, but this is my general rule of thumb for a darkish meat – about 3cm thick. If the meat is lighter – cook it for less time.

  • Rare steaks, two to three minutes each side.
  • Medium rare, four to four-and-a- half minutes each side.
  • Medium to well done, five to six minutes on each side.

The perfect medium steak … makes my mouth water!

Make sure you rest your steak, wrapped in foil, for as long as you cook it. This allows the juices to settle and keep your meat moist and delicious.

Practice makes perfect on this one, so if you don’t get it right, do keep trying. Steak houses can be expensive and I promise (with some practice) you can make amazing steak at home.

I quite often do steak on nights when Matt wants pizza. I serve it with some grilled mushrooms on top and a huge plate of brussel sprouts. Now now, don’t screw your nose up, read my post on how to make sprouts your whole family will love here. My mum did it with my brother and I (so I’m sure you can do it too as long as you have her secret weapon recipe!) Go on 🙂

How do you like to eat your steak? Does a smidge of red creep you out?

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  1. Olannah on said:

    Perfect timing, having steak today for lunch. Just taken it out of the fridge to bring up to room temperature and will follow the other tips. I love to have my steak with plain steamed potatoes, cold tomato and either a cold mint sauce or gravy. Thanks for the post.

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