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It’s ok – I promise – I won’t have another outburst

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After last week’s little meltdown – I actually had a few phone calls asking if I’m ok.

And I am – truly – I promise. I sometimes write these posts and don’t think anyone is reading. But, last week’s post uncovered the most amazing thing. It turns out people, including my dad (thank you for the chat!) are not only reading – they’re starting to share. In a week when I couldn’t have felt more alone, more isolated, more like I am the only one feeling like I just can’t do this weight loss thing anymore – it turns out there are other people out there, going through very similar things.

One of the most surprising things is that it’s not just women – it’s men too. In the last nine months I have received a number of Facebook messages and emails from boys I have known over the years – at school, former colleagues – the people who are on your Facebook because you knew them once and lost touch, or were only ever acquaintances. You may not even comment on each others status updates – you may wish each other a happy birthday when Facebook tells you to, but other than that, words don’t exchange.

Well, it’s a few of these boys that have inspired me, moved me, encouraged me and shared their stories with me in the last few months. It’s been unexpected – but they have all felt like they are battling, have battled or know someone who is trying to lose weight. Somehow my account of my own weight loss has inspired them to share their stories.

I have felt incredibly privileged. This is just one moving message I got from one such guy:

I’ve rabbled on heaps now but my main point was  … keep at it girl. It’s a lifestyle change. It sucks lots of times but it just comes down to asking yourself how much you want it.

And this:

Keep it up dood! Sounds like its having super positive effects for ya.. I love these stories!!

And finally – this amazing, wonderful message:

Just a quick note – knowing how well you’ve done with weight loss has helped inspire me to make changes to my own eating habits – actually eating vegetables, not eating seconds of everything and so on.

For every comment you may have had from a doubter or a hater, screw ’em. They’re too busy waiting for a miracle pill to take weight off while they sleep, or eat seven packets of Tim Tams.

I actually cried when I read that – I really did.

One thing it made me realise is that men aren’t nearly as open as what women are when it comes to talking about their weight, or their health in general. I guess I have always known this, but men are private creatures and while I have quoted part of their messages, I would never reveal their identities. At the end of the day, I understand why many people (and this certainly isn’t just men) don’t want to shout from the rooftops, “I’m trying to lose weight!” I tried to lose weight what feels like a billion times (most times secretly and determined not to tell a soul) before I decided to write my first post about shedding my excess kilos. I divulged everything from how much I weighed to my waist measurement, but I get that those sorts of declarations aren’t for everyone.

So if you are that person sitting at your computer or iPad or whatever, reading this post right now,  I want you to know that you are not alone out there in ‘Weight-loss World.’ I share my story here for all to see, and it still gets lonely. But people are going through similar things to you, they’re feeling the same anxiety, torment, and (when things are going well) excitement and elation. I am glad I have reached out through this blog. I have received support from all the people I expected too, and as you can see, many people I hadn’t.

In many ways, I wish I had come across a post like this nine months ago because my biggest fear was being left alone and deprived, killing myself on a treadmill somewhere eating lettuce leaves. I wish someone could have told me that while this eating right and exercise caper is tough at times, that it can also be so rewarding on so many levels. I wish someone had told me to just keep trying and that I would be ready one day, and I’d stick at it and good things would happen.

So, following the meltdown of last week and with so many close (and not so close) people behind me this week, I have taken charge of the sitation. This is what I’ve done:

  • Saturday: swam 10 laps
  • Sunday: 15 minutes of cardio, including running, 30 minutes of weights – 11 laps in the pool
  • Monday: swam 12 laps
  • Tuesday : day off
  • Wednesday: swam 13 laps
  • Thursday: 15 minutes cardio, 30 minutes weights and swam 14 laps!
  • Friday: day off
  • Saturday (yesterday): swam 15 Laps!

Today I am planning a 15 minute cardio session, about 30 minutes of weights and I’m hoping to hit the 16 laps mark. I think we’ll have to see how my arms are feeling after all the weights!

But, I’m feeling great! It’s two months and thirty days from our wedding day and I’m determined to give this weight loss another good hard crack. Knowing I’m not alone is helping a whole lot 🙂

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4 comments on “It’s ok – I promise – I won’t have another outburst
  1. Lisa – keep at it, you are doing a fantastic job of looking after your health and look in the mirror today: have you noticed that you are looking gorgeous!

  2. VENT AWAY, get it all out and let us help support you when you need that help. We love your blog, your amazing achievements and you inspiration that you provide us. Eat well, eat good food and try to ignore that little voice that screams you are not good enough, YOU ARE!!!! I am so impressed with your wonderful achievements, so grateful that your wonderful dad steered me here. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Sending you a big hug!

    • Thank you so much Deborah … I’m so glad you enjoy the blog and are happy to hear me vent when needed. I think feeling a it overwhelmed from time to time is all part of the process and I am very lucky to have such a great network of people – expected and unexpected – to support me. Thanks for all your kind words – it truly makes a big difference!

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