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A change to proceedings

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You know how sometimes life just gets in the way of a good thing?

Things get busy, things evolve – it’s just the way it is sometimes.
While Ruza, Laura and I have loved working together on Uforic Food – we have decided to take a break until the new year.
What does that mean for the blog? Well, you’ll still be getting plenty of food inspiration. I have some awesome recipes in the archives – which I look forward to sharing with you each week – and I will continue to pop in and post about my weight loss journey when I have something to say.
If I’m honest, life has left me slightly overwhelmed and with my wedding less than three months away, I feel like I need to focus on enjoying the process of preparing. I am also spending a lot of time in the pool at the moment, and my day job is kinda hectic right now. Ruza will stand beside me as a bridesmaid – and I want to enjoy our friendship – rather than focus on blogging.
I’ve loved having Ruza and Laura on board on Uforic Food – and I know you have too. We love each other as friends very much – and that won’t change.
So what will happen in the new year? Well, the three of us will have to sit down and chat with clear minds and fresh thoughts. 2013 promises to bring new things, new projects, and new ideas for all of us.
I would like to thank Laura and Ruza for their contributions to date. They are amazing writers with fabulous stories to share and I think I can take the liberty of saying their flavours have been very much appreciated on Uforic Food.
Until then, thank you for welcoming our trio – for reading, commenting and following. I hope you will keep enjoying the recipes that will feature in weeks to come – starting tomorrow with an apple dessert, without the guilt, which I’m sure you will enjoy.
Lisa Mary



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