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The weight loss plateau and how I plan to beat it!

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So since July, I really haven’t lost any weight. Looking down at the scales most mornings – I feel convinced they are stuck at 89 kilos. Yes, it does look better than the 112kg starting point. But truthfully, it’s driving me insane!

I decided to wait it out for a while and just keep doing what I know works. Eat well, exercise, blah blah blah.

But, a month later, nothing had happened. The scales were still stuck!

I looked back on my eating behaviour and decided I needed to get real. I was becoming more generous with portion sizes and drinking more and more coffee. So, I did something I promised myself I was never going to do … I started doing meal replacement shakes. I never planned to do it for a long period of time, but a quick Google search on how to beat a weight loss plateau suggested that drastic changes to diet, exercise etc were the sure fire way to get back on track and get your body moving on the weight loss journey again.

I have been replacing four breakfasts and four lunches a week with a good quality meal replacement protein shake and … nothing has happened!

To be truthful – I haven’t done bucket loads of exercise in that time due to an insanely painful ear infection – but I have done some workouts, walking and the like. Not as much as what I would have liked, but I haven’t been a total couch potato.

The other thing I have been feeling lately is that I’m not challenged by my work outs. I’m still loving swimming – when my ear isn’t infected – but the gym … well, I just can’t push myself.

So, with nine weeks to go until our wedding, and with this insatiable feeling of motivation to get passed this plateau and take my fitness to the next level – I did the most logical thing. I sent a text to my old personal trainer to see if he’d have me back … and I’m booked in next Thursday morning at 7am!

I’ve also asked him to write me a full plan incorporating gym work outs, swimming, walking, running etc so I have no excuses. I’m also going to start tracking my food and exercise on Weight Watchers again.

I know I seem to do so many posts about getting back on track. But, I guess the reality of all this is just like life itself – full of ups and downs. I’m not perfect, there is no fool-proof plan to lose weight. All you can do is try.

I’m busting to get back to training again, to have someone who knows what they are doing guiding and supporting me through exercise.

There are so many things to be excited about and even if this weight loss plateau wants to hang around – I know I’ll be toning and getting fitter and healthier. Perfect 🙂

Have you been through a weight loss plateu before? How did you beat it. I’d love to hear your tips for pushing through 🙂


Lisa Mary



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