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My weight loss secrets – REVEALED!

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Weight loss advice – if you tried everything you read or every tip some random person gave you – you’d be eating carrot sticks while sitting on you head.

Seriously, the internet is rife with this stuff. Some of it is helpful – the rest is just nonsense. Like this article – it starts off by saying you should exercise on an empty stomach – but by the time doctors, scientists and athletes say their two-cents worth – apparently it doesn’t make a difference … or maybe it does. Who knows! I’m confused!

People are always asking me what my weight loss secret is. Maybe they think I drank the waters from a lake in Iceland and it was the key – or an old man from Africa told me about this special purple fruit with orange polka dots – I ate it and started shedding my kilos. I hate to be the bearer of bad news – but it’s just not the case.

Buying oodles of products promoted on day-time television where some annoying little man with an irritating voice tells me if I drink this shake my fat will be blasted from here to kindom come and I’ll be 20 kilos lighter in five second flat. Well, that wasn’t my magic potion either.

But, if you want to look at it on the flip side – you should be happy there is no deep secret. In fact – it’s quite simple. In theory anyway.

It all comes down to logic. That’s right ladies and gentleman – it’s all in your head and the best thing of all is – you pretty much already know what to do. You don’t need to pay someone, or be a part of some revolutionary program. That’s because the formula to weight loss actually isn’t that hard. For example – we all understand the following equation – right?

  • Cakes = bad
  • Apples = good

I mean seriously, it’s not rocket science. A lot of people ask me what I eat – I say – food … just like you. We all have a fair idea of what is good for us, right? So, why isn’t every fat person out there just getting their acts together and shedding the fat? Eat right – it’s not that hard. Well actually, it can be – depending on your frame of mind.

I’m no weight loss expert – I don’t have the key to a healthier happier, skinnier life. I’m still doing my thing, learning what works along the way. But, one thing I can tell you categorically – this battle is done less on the treadmill, or even on your plate as you decide whether or not you need the next mouth full – and more in your head.

Get your head right – and you’ll be cruising. I know, that little sentence there makes it sound sooooo easy. It’s not. I have told many people that I think the difference this time around – compared to the zillions of other times I’ve tried to lose weight – is that finally … I was ready.

Readiness is so important – but we never ever talk about it. But, to make wholesale changes, whether it be quitting smoking or losing weight, or learning a new language or whatever you’re focussing on at this point in your life – there is a lot to be said for simply being READY.

But when I started, I didn’t know that I was ready. I learnt that as I went along, as things started to click and make sense. I learnt to eat less, more often – I learnt that I can still have a glass of wine once a week and the odd, portion-controlled slice of chocolate cake if I wanted to – and not have to feel like I had fallen off the weight loss bandwagon.

They say these days that if you’re quitting smoking, and you wind up going back to it – treat it as a practice for the time when you finally do quit. Well, I think the mantra applies to weight loss too. Don’t get overwhelmed with this diet and that or pills, shakes and all that other craziness. Know that the answer is inside of you – you know what’s good for your body and what isn’t – and don’t be afraid to get the support you need to do what you need to do.

I think for many people, me included, the very first step is to believe they are worth the hard work and effort to improve their health and the way they feel inside. For many of us with low self-esteem – believing that we are worth the dollars to see a dietician, a personal trainer, or even a counsellor – is just so hard. But, we are all worth it, we all deserve to look after ourselves. Sometimes, you have to put yourself first and realise you can’t look after the people around you and be the best person you can if you’re feeling worthless and unhealthy and generally bad about yourself.

There are no big weight loss secrets, formulas or potions – but there is a need to believe in yourself, be willing to invest in your own well being – and when you can do that – you are ready and weight loss using the logic of eating quality food and doing exercise will work.

So keep on trying, keep on striving. You aren’t alone.



2 comments on “My weight loss secrets – REVEALED!
  1. Well said!
    I’ve done diets in the past but have always gone back to the old bad habits and not kept the weight off. I’m aiming for a lifestyle change that I will maintain (and be able to maintain without being miserable) for the rest of my life. It has taken a bit of time to figure out what works for me, but I will stick with it now (and adjust as necessary) and so far I’ve lost 33 pounds. It does allow me to have a muffin or whatever other calorie laden food people bring to our weekly meeting and it allows me to have things like a small amount of ice cream every now and then. I can handle this.
    While I do find it a bit sad that I had to hit 37 before I was properly ready to do this (I am sad thinking back at how my life could have been better if I had done this 15 years ago), but my self esteem has been better lately and I’m just more comfortable with who I am now than that person I was even a few years ago. It has really helped me in this journey. I think that having two young daughters (and wanting to be a better role model for them) has also been part of the impetus to change. I made up my mind to change my image in more than just weight. I’m aiming for a new style of clothing (good bye t-shirts with silly designs) and a new hair style.

  2. I just went back and read the article you linked to. I find that I cannot exercise (jog or go to the gym) before having breakfast unless I have a small something first. Even if I have half of a FiberOne bar, that is enough, otherwise I start feeling weak and ill. Not nice.
    I don’t jog or go to the gym for exercise these days, but I get my exercise walking. I do one of my walks before I eat lunch, so I am usually hungry, but I can do that without eating beforehand…but then it hasn’t been that long since breakfast.
    It’s what works for me.

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