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The scales and I meet again

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I remember when I first started to blog about my weight loss journey. I was so apprehensive – so scared! Well, I’m feeling that way again.

Since my return to the world of blogging I have enjoyed reminiscing about the good times – the wedding, the honeymoon – and just writing recipes again has been wonderful.

But, I have avoided the weight loss subject. Why? Because I don’t want to admit to whoever is reading this that the weight is creeping back on. At my lowest, I was 89.7 kilos. I’m now a bit over 95 kilos.

People tell me considering the before mentioned life events, plus Christmas and New Year – that it really isn’t that bad.

Maybe it isn’t … but for me, it feels like it’s going to be so hard to take that weight off again … and to pursue weight loss even further.

keep-calm-and-get-inspired-35I have every excuse in the world – I’m busy with our new family business, LMC Media Solutions – not to mention my day job, which I love. Then, there’s blogging for Uforic Food – not to mention we are building a house (so super exciting) and everything else that comes with life. Don’t get me wrong – life is great and I’m so hugely lucky – but it’s busy! I have tried getting up at 5.45am to go for a walk on the beach. But, after doing personal training, I don’t feel like a walk is cutting it anymore. I also can’t afford personal training and just going to the gym – well, I have never been able to stick to that.

I need to find that physical activity I love to do again. Without exercise – I’m going to balloon and soon my size 16 clothes won’t fit. I just can’t let that happen.

So, now I have to ask myself – how am I going to get the physical activity I need on a budget, that doesn’t require having to wake up at the crack of dawn. Any ideas?

At the moment, I honestly just feel a little bit sad. I don’t want to be where I was before – but it’s like I’m slipping, slipping backwards into the deep dark world of obesity.

I have to fight – I have to fight to keep my head above water because if I don’t – I seriously put my ultimate goal at risk. What’s that you ask? More about that next time.

I have two great blog posts coming up for you in the next two days … farmer’s markets and local producers – here we come!

In the meantime – what do you do to keep fit and keep your health on track? I could really use the inspiration right now!




4 comments on “The scales and I meet again
  1. Lisa, congratulations on the wedding and all the wonderful things happening in your life right now 🙂 . I have been on a personal journey myself for the last 12 mths with weight loss. All it took was that one bad photo and I got a shock! I felt so down and couldn’t afford a personal trainer anymore and with two young boys time was restricted. I will not advertise what programme I did as I don’t like to do that but I have since lost 26 kilos over 6mths and am still going. (Still struggle some days) I bought workout DVDs to do at home, learnt how to run 3 km (as before I couldn’t run 30secs without wanting to collapse) and retrained my mind to not want all that extra food. You don’t need a fancy gym and trainers to achieve your goal.my lounge room and backyard was my gym and my weights well those good ole homemade bottles of sugo worked a treat lol. Us women are all beautiful no matter what those damn scales say. They are not important. Look forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

    • Hi Liza
      Thanks so much for your wonderfully inspiring words – they were just what I needed to hear.
      And can I just say – well done!! Your weight loss is an amazing achievement – but what’s even better is the way you have changed your attitude towards food. It’s not easy and it sounds as though you are right on track!
      You’re right though – before I started losing weight I used to roll my eyes at women who obsessed about scales and weight. But, we are all beautiful. I am in the pursuit of better health and I want to lose more for that reason above all else.
      Thank you for sharing your story – and welcome to the Uforic Food table. I’m very happy to have you here and can’t wait to read more about how you are going too!

  2. You can do it!! You have done it once you can do it again! I gained an unnecessary 26kilos in my pregnancy. Some of the things I have done is focus on water intake (fill a pitcher with 10 cups of water and make sure I drink at least that by the end of the day), no eating after 8pm if I have already had dinner, and most importantly viewing food as energy/fuel to make my body run efficiently. Also, walking is a GREAT source of exercise! Something else I try to do is blog while standing rather than sitting. 🙂

    • Hi Lena!
      Those are all excellent strategies! I must admit my water intake has fallen way down – I actually sit at my desk and feel thirsty! It’s just so wrong! So, you have definitely inspired me to get that back on track as I sit her sipping on a glass of water 🙂
      Eating at night has always been a problem for me too. I agree that putting a deadline on when to stop is good. I’m implementing that as of now and 8pm is the cut off!
      Walking – well yes, I agree – it’s just that after working your guts out at personal training, it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. But, it’s better thank nothing. So, I’m hitting the beach every morning from now on!

      I’ve had a number of messages here and on Facebook too and you are all really helping me to get back in the right head space. Thanks so much!

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