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And … we’re back! New-look website and blog launched

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Well, here we are … what do you think of our new site?

We never imagined it would take this long to get the original Uforic Food – which started in the online world – back up and running again. But, our minds, bodies and souls have been firmly planted in reality for the past 11 weeks getting the cafe off the ground.

And let me tell you, it has been quite an adventure since my last post in September when I announced Matt and I would be embarking on this insane journey to turn a cafe we had purchased into the real life Uforic Food.

Maybe a few photos will help?

This is what we started with …

Uforic Food Cafe "before" renovation pic

It was really a total blank canvass just waiting to be created … and so we did.

Renovation week was, hands down, the worst week of my entire life. I ended up with a chest infection and lost my voice. But with invitations out for our opening event – there was nothing we could do except soldier on.

The other thing was we were on an absolute shoe-string budget. We were so lucky to have the expertise of Matt’s brother Peter, who builds houses for a living – there to create shelving for our provedore section, extend the very small counter and do even more shelving above the servery – and in the kitchen. And, seeing as we had no money, we couldn’t afford any “professionals”. So, it was dad, and me and Matt ( and anyone else who could lend a hand along the way) working at the cafe 18 hours a day to get all the painting, and everything else, done. I had decided on a red feature wall. Little did we know it would take seven coats of paint to look good! Then of course there was cleaning and decorating, shopping and cooking and …. it just went on and on and on. It was like the worst episode of The Block you have ever seen!

reno collage 1

Don’t let the smiles and funny poses with the paint roller fool you … it was pure torture! I got to one point when I sincerely thought we weren’t going to make it. The afternoon of the opening there was a storm coming, and ladders and paint and everything all over the place still. It was a nightmare! So, I proceeded to act like a teenager cleaning up a dirty bedroom – I ran around cramming things into cupboards just to try and get the place looking respectable. It did create some family dramas (sorry again dad!) – but, in the end … we created, this …






 I could not be prouder … not only of myself, but absolutely everyone who rallied behind us and was involved in building our beautiful cafe! I felt, well, Uforic!

Our opening event was a massive success … the place was totally full of family, friends, wonderful customers from Anglesea Fruitz Provedore – as well as industry folk too! You can see all the photos via our Facebook page.

I can’t wait to get back on board with the blog and share so many fantastic recipes with you and bring you along on the Uforic Food journey. I have tried to do that via our social media networks, but nothing is as good as being back “home” in blog land.

So, feel free to have a browse around the site. There’s out Menu – hopefully it makes you feel hungry. If you’d like to see more photos, we have a lovely Gallery, with most of the photos done by our amazing photographer, Kari Tegan Photography. We also have a Things We Love section – to give some kudos to our neighbours at Surfcoast Highway Garden Centre – which is where the cafe is located. You can also meet Our Team – which is quite funny, and also very heartfelt because without the people on this page – none of this would be possible.

So, thank you for your patience with the blog being down for so long. I hope you like the new look and if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to cover on the blog, drop me a line .

Until then, feel free to go back through the archives and have a look at all the different recipes – and enjoy the site!

P.s. Thank you to my wonderful husband, Matty for his amazing web design work. I never dreamed the site would looks so awesome! XO





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