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Ever wondered how Uforic Food Cafe started? Here’s our journey as we mark our half Birthday…

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IMG_3958The cafe is growing and changing all the time – and as we mark our half year milestone, I realise there are now so many people interacting with us who have no idea how this whole journey began.

So, I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know, in case you haven’t been there from the start, how the cafe was born. So, here goes!

20131004_063235Uforic Food Café is a quaint little café we opened in October 2013, and is part of the amazing Surfcoast Highway Garden Centre in Mount Duneed – which is five minutes from Torquay at the start of Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Our neighbours are Beach Tree NurseryPantai Garden Art and Better Bricks and the whole precinct is a haven for gardeners, shoppers and lovers of all things beautiful, natural … and yummy!

Our aim is to create a relaxing atmosphere where you can sit and enjoy great coffee and food with fabulous flavours either inside, or out in our beautiful rose garden. We also hope our provedore section, filled with delicious ingredients from local honey to top quality olive oil, will inspire you to cook delicious food for you and your family at home.Uforic Food Cafe Torquay Provedore

Uforic Food Café actually started its life, right here, in the online world. It was just a little blogwhere I have been writing about my love for food and cooking over the past four years. The main focus of my writing has been about inspiring other people to cook delicious food at home. There is an extensive archive of delicious recipes and food stories I compiled over more than two years. Click through and search away!

Anyway, back to the story!

In September 2013 my father and brother approached us with an idea to buy a café they had seen for sale – and so my husband Matt and I threw caution to the wind, with me giving up full-time employment, and him putting his web-development business on hold – to take on this incredible adventure. Having a café has always been my ultimate dream – but I never thought it would be possible until I was much older. But at 30 here we are, running a family business, and despite the long hours and obstacles that inevitably come with it – we absolutely love it!

IMG_3853Making this café a reality would not have been possible without our business partners – who are also my family. My dad and brother, Garry and Dave Foreman, who own a highly successful gourmet food business, Anglesea Fruitz Provedore – have taken us under their wing and brought us into the fold of the family business. We are very proud to be a part of their team at Anglesea, and for them to be a part of ours.

Their experience, expertise and hard work have helped us to bring this café to life – and we look forward to continuing in partnership, to ensure we are always growing and improving all the time. I also want to thank my mum for her endless recipe inspiration, hard work, and above all, love.

We also thank the Cummins family for helping us renovate, and for their love and support also. 

Creating Uforic Food Café has been a labour of love for Matt and I – and for our whole family. Meet Our Team here.

Uforic Food CafeWe also want to thank our neighbours and new-found friends at Surfcoast Highway Garden Centre for their support, encouragement and love – you guys rock!

And, without this sounding like a thank you speech from the Aria’s – I want to thank our friends. They have done everything from spread the word on social media, to coming in for breakfast, brunch, lunch or afternoon tea. They have told their friends about us and above all, willingly put up with the fact that we are never available any more, go to bed at 8.30pm and never answer our phones. Thank you!

Us, with our wonderful friend and true inspiration, AJ

Us, with our wonderful friend and true inspiration, AJ

So, that’s how this all started … and if you made it all the way through the journey, I hope it has inspired you to come down and say hi sometime … and have one of Matty’s AWESOME coffees, or a bite to eat.

What an amazing journey it has been! We have overcome 22 weeks of roadworks, power outages, water shortages and so much more. But, it has only made us stronger and more determined to keep going. Our wonderful customers, blog followers and the relationships we have built with so many people have made everything so worthwhile. Our passion is strong, our drive is unshakable and our gratitude for the support and love and encouragement we have had is immense! 


Lisa Mary Cummins


Uforic Food Café



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