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The joy of feeding people – take home meals and recipe inspiration

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DSC_3810I get a real satisfaction from feeding people – I think it stems from my love of having people together, in one place – enjoying each other’s company. What better way to do that then to share food?

I wrote the above sentence for the first time in 2011 – it was a few years after I met Matty (my now husband … and your barista!)

This was back when Uforic was a mere blog in the online world – and running my own cafe was but a dream I thought was unlikely to ever come true.

Now, Uforic Food Cafe is a month away from its third birthday – and the beautiful thing is the opening sentence of this post remains even truer than when I wrote it for the first time – some five years ago.

Take home meals began last week – and while it’s a lot more work – I was trying to work out what it was that a. made me want to push so hard to make it happen – and b. why it makes me so happy.

And it comes down to the fact that I have created yet another way to feed people – to open my heart and to share, nurture and care.

Feeding people – making them feel “uforic” when they  eat that first mouthful – and it just makes them feel warm, comforted, happy and content. Nothing makes me happier.

Back, five years ago – I was so afraid of cooking for all the new people in my life. Matty, his family – new friends. It makes me realise now – as new people stream daily into our little cafe – how far I have come.

DSC_3744I have always been so nervous about what people would think of my food. It’s not fine dining – I’m not asking you to get your head around crazy food combinations. It’s about re-inventing and continuing beautiful flavours, tastes and textures that have passed through generations of families and cultures. Hospitality is not a parallel universe where every experience is perfect – but when people tell me how much they enjoy what we do – it’s just so satisfying. It calms the shy person inside me who fears that opening up – that sharing our kind of comfort food – will be a mistake.

So, thank you to each of you who has taken the time to post comments on Facebook, give reviews, click like, pulled me aside at the cafe for a chat and even sent notes to say we are on to something. Whether it’s take home meals, what we do at the cafe daily, catering, sharing recipes and stories through the blog – I just want you to know that you are helping one person, one family, and the people who work in it every day, to live their dreams, to make a living, and to keep on going forward.

So, with lovely feedback on board – we continue our take home meals this week (click here for the DSC_3710current menu) – and we prepare for our new Spring menu. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Also,click here for some beautiful, comforting recipes I put together a few months ago. Let’s enjoy what we can of slow food before the weather really warms up!

Thank for for allowing us to share our food with you, in so many ways!