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The Weight Experiment

I am more passionate than ever about the food I put in my mouth – the flavour, texture and taste – but I am also interested in making sure it’s healthy too.

So, in November last year I decided to try and answer a question which has played on the minds of all food lovers out there – Can I be a foodie and lose weight too?

Now, I admit, it hasn’t always been easy – and you can read about the journey so far in the posts below – but here’s a bit of a visual of my progress so far:

I still have quite a long way to go – as I am looking to lose another 15 to 20 kilograms to get between 70 and 75 kilograms. But, with 22 kilos down, I’m on my way!

Here is a list of all my posts I have written about my journey so far, including my reasons for embarking on this experiment in the first place. I’ll admit – it’s not all happy reading – but I am doing this publicly to keep myself honest, to garner support to people kind enough to offer it – and to prove you can enjoy food and shed excess weight too!

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Chapter 1: Can you be a foodie AND lose weight? I’m determined!!

Chapter 2: A snack of the healthy kind

Chapter 3. Losing 4 kilos, plus an awesome laksa recipe!

Chapter 4. Love, a great restaurant, chocolates and losing 6 kilos … what a week!

Chapter 5. It’s all about setting short-term goals – plus a tasty salad recipe

Chapter 6. Meal planning – a necessary evil to a healthier lifestyle

Chapter 7. So close, and yet so far … 11 weeks in and it’s getting tough

Chapter 8. Reaching my first major goal – and yummy breakfast muffins

Chapter 9: Weigh in Tuesday – disappointment or elation?

Chapter 10. The journey continues …

Chapter 11. Afraid of your own success? It’s not as strange as it sounds

Chapter 12. Healthy food is fast food

Chapter 13. The great exercise meltdown … yes, again!

Chapter 14. And the doctor said …. does weight loss really improve inner health?

Chapter 15. The Food Diaries Begin – Day 1: Bad habits exposed!

Chapter 16. Food Diary Day 2: Many lessons learned

Chapter 17. Food Diary Day 3: New beginnings

Chapter 18. Saying goodbye to the old me

Chapter 19. Read, set … GO!

Chapter 20. Sometimes you have to find the strength to say “NO!”

Chapter 21. Food – my biggest worry

Chapter 22. The big 2-0 … did I make it?

Chapter 23. All I can say is … thank you!

Chapter 24. OMG – I’m freaking out!!

Chapter 25. Indulgence: Sometimes it’s Crucial. Plus a Recipe or Three!

Chapter 26. Mexican chicken soup … a solution to pesky leftovers!

Chapter 27. Enough is Enough! – Or is it?

Chapter 28. It’s ok – I promise – I won’t have another outburst

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my journey so far. Feel free to share your stories in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.

Disclaimer: I am not a dietician, doctor or selling any sort of weight loss product. I am simply sharing my stories and experiences as I move slowly towards a healthier lifestyle. Understand that weight loss is an individual process and what works for me may not work for you and this site is not about advice, but about sharing stories. Of course, medical advice should be sort before embarking on any kind of weight loss. Thank you.