Uforic Food Cafe Torquay

Our Producers

To make food “Uforic” it’s important to source it locally wherever     possible, not only to showcase the produce of our area—but to support other small businesses like ours.

Below is a list of our local suppliers—**starred** items are available for purchase.

 Anglesea Fruitz Provedore Owned by our family for more than five years— they source delicious local herbs, tomatoes and much more for us to make into delicious food here at Uforic Food Café

Hello Coffee – Gareth and Justin and two dads from Apollo Bay who quite their jobs to roast coffee. They have a cafe in the industrial estate of Apollo Bay where they create their delcious coffee. We love their work and are really proud to serve their beans at Uforic

Noisette Bakery

 *Inglenook Dairy Nestled near Ballarat, Inglenook milk is manufactured 100% on the farm, is additive free and is perfect for coffee-making

* Kalamata Olive Grove located just a few farms up the road from the café in Mount Duneed—Effie and her family are creating delicious olive oil. It’s all we use and we love it

Zee Tea  A family company, established 5 years and based in Geelong, the guys at Zee Tea take great care in hand blending their teas and herbs.  They use premium, large leaf teas and herbs and small batches are turned over regularly to ensure optimum freshness.  For a true artisan product, their teas are flavoured by hand.

* Otway Preserves Deb’s strawberry and raspberry jams feature on our fluffy scones. We also use their tomato relish. So delicious!

Love your Eggs – 

Raven’s Creek FarmThere’s so much to say about these guys, click on their link to read more 🙂

Sticky Balsamic is a hand-crafted gourmet product, proudly made in Geelong. It is fruit-infused balsamic vinegar and can be used with almost everything to give your food that extra-special flavour.

The creator of Sticky Balsamic, Lea is the brain and brawn behind it. He has worked at some of the best restaurants in Australia and has won many local awards. Lea’s vision is to provide people an easy way for people to enhance the flavour of their food.